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Implant Dentistry Woodridge

The way your teeth look will tell people a lot about how you take care of things, including your health. When you have Invisalign braces you need to be sure to brush your teeth after meals before you put your braces back in. When the root of your tooth gets infected you will need a root canal treatment to get the infection out of the root. Intraoral cameras are made to look inside your tooth and under the gum line to detect cavities. Making sure your family has the best oral hygiene practices is the job of parents with children. You can be sure your children will enjoy our pain free dentistry and our happy staff that greets them.

When you have TMJ problems you can have a clicking noise and pain in your jaw when you eat or even when you talk. Children who suck their thumbs for extended periods of time may end up with permanent damage to their teeth. Infection in your gums can spread to the root of your teeth and you could lose your teeth. You should see our local dentist at our dental clinic for a checkup at least twice a year.