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Dental Procedures Woodridge

Mini implants are smaller in diameter than regular implants but are basically the same. People who have sinus issues will sometimes have bad breath no matter how much they brush and floss. If you find you have pain in your jaw when you chew, you may be suffering from TMJ disorder. If you have a gap in between your teeth, our dentist can bond both teeth with resin to tighten up the gap. One of the most common restorative dental treatments would have to be the dental fillings.

If you have had a root canal, you may need a dental crown to strengthen your tooth. Whitening your teeth is something that can be done at home over several nights or in our dental office in a few hours. People who drink iced tea or dark soda should use a straw to keep as much of the dark liquid away from their teeth. Talk to the dentist about sleep apnea or TMJ issues and see if a dental mouth guard would help you. Missing teeth can affect the way you chew your food and the way your smile looks.