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Composite Filling Woodridge

When weak spots form on a previously healthy tooth, an infection can cause the tooth to have a cavity. If you are planning on having a dental implant placed in your gum, we will need to put a metal rod in to hold it in place. Anti cariogenic mouth rinses are the ones that contain fluoride and these are the ones that can strengthen your tooth enamel. You may be surprised to know that elderly people are not the only ones who wear dentures.

We can whiten your teeth in our office with a professional teeth whitening treatment. Be sure everyone in your family visits the dentist every six months and brushes and flosses every day. Dental crowns are generally the least expensive and most used restoration. Smile restoration is something a local dentist will do that can help you feel more at ease when you laugh.

When you have had many fillings or bridges over a period of years, it could be a reason your teeth do not meet comfortably. If you notice that your bite is not right, you may be grinding your teeth in your sleep and causing TMJ problems.