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Composite Filling Woodridge

We can use a resin to bond your tooth to improve the way you look and fix your broken tooth. You may not realize that tooth decay, which causes cavities, is the most common infectious disease ever known. When you want your whole face to look younger, make sure you have a bright smile. Composite fillings can be made out of many materials, including porcelain, quartz or even silica.

When we use digital radiology, you will be getting less radiation than you would with older technology. Brushing and flossing your teeth at home is great, but it cannot remove all of the invisible plaque that accumulates on your teeth. If you take proper care of a dental implant, it can last you 30 years or more. The pain that people feel when a root canal is done comes from the infection in the root of the tooth, not the procedure itself.

Investing in a teeth straightening treatment is something most people would benefit from, no matter how young or old they are. You need to realize that eating a diet that includes fruits and vegetables is good for your oral health.